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GPL2RPM application for converting Race Export HTML file from Grand Prix Legends to file format readable with Race Points Manager

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Track.ini for competitive racing explained

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Carset unfishished
So far done: 60%

Year: 2014

Mod: GTP

If someone wants to finish it, the packed files can be downloaded by clicking on WEC logo on left.

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Carset: European Late Model Series

Year: 2011

Mod: LMPv2

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Carset: Trans-Am

Year: 2010

Mod: PTA

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Application for dropping random yellows
(if someone wants to improve it, just email me for source codes)

Carset: Indycar

Year: 2008

Mod: Indycar mod for Grand Prix 4

Tutorial and scripts how to create a maps for GARMIN MOBILE XT device from OpenStreetMap sources.

Clex version 4.6 patch 6 (deb)
Clex version 4.7 patch 7 (binary)
Clex version 4.7 patch 8 (deb)
Required NCURSES libraries (if needed)
Clex File Manager is a text-based NCURSES file manager for GNU/Linux console. As on their website are just .rpm packages, and in debian/*buntu repos are just obsolete versions, I made a .deb package from  version  4.6. patch 6,  patch 7 and patch 8.
Just download it by clicking on links on left.

Last update: 14-July-2018

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