2011 European Late Model Series Carset

for game Nascar Racing 2003 Season, mod LMPv2

Download, installation notes, physics....

Nascar Racing 2003 Season was during the time improved and can handle a few physics models.
The basic is called CUP and is about to simulate the Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars.
The other physics models called:
GNS - simulation of Nationwide (former Busch) Series
CTS - simulation of Camping World Trucks Series (former Craftsman)
PTA - simulation of Trans-Am series, also with adjusted ini's also Open-wheel Series (Indycar)

The table with comparisions of those physics models is avalaible here: http://bigdonlinemotorsports.com/N2k3Engine.htm    

Our ELMS Carset is avalaible with GNS and CTS physics.  

The difference is: 

Higher HP in GNS
Higher Torque in CTS
Both physics models are nice driveable. With CTS due higher torque is maybe easier to spin the wheels, but everything depends on setups. Setup is key of a nice controlled car.
GNS is using a Restrictor plate on some tracks (like Daytona, Talladega, Van Zandt, some versions of other tracks like Eurospeedway Lausitz)
(explanation of Restrictor plate on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restrictor_plate )

Download link for version with GNS physics
version 1.0 (cca 60 MB)
Download link for version with CTS physics
version 1.0 (cca 60 MB)


Installation is easy -> 

1 You must have installed the Nascar Racing 2003 Season Patch (get it here http://www.shaggycentral.net/ITDH/downloads/dl.htm)
    If you are playing already other mods, for sure you have it already installed.
2 Unpack downloaded files (using WinRar, console Rar, or Total Commander, Krusader or whatever you are using)
3 Copy the folder (elms_gns or elms_cts) into <your_path_to_NascarRacing2003_installation folder>\series
(example: c:\papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 season\series\elms_gns)
4 Run the game and in bottom of the screen you should choose EUROPEAN LATE MODEL SERIES

For any troubles or broken links please contact my at: fela.nascarfan[at]gmail.com (of course, [at] stays for @  :)  )