2011 European Late Model Series Carset

for game Nascar Racing 2003 Season, mod LMPv2

Tracks in Europe   

Well, Europe was never too much interested in oval racing, but still there are some interesting race-tracks. Here is small table what is available and downloable. Also here you can find some fictional oval tracks, which are perfect for driving.
All tracks are adjusted according to their authors.

Location Type Length Download link
Eurospeedway Lausitz Klettwitz, Germany Tri-oval with RP* (real) 2 mi tracks v. 1.0 (cca 57 MB)
Rockingham ** Corby, UK Quad-oval (real) 1.5 mi
Venray Infield
Venray, Holland Small oval (real) 0.325 mi 
AVUS Berlin, Germany Oval (now defunct) 5.19 mi
Hawgabahn Super Speedway Munich, Germany Oval (fictional) 7.08 mi
Verlandring Superspeedway Villacoublay, France Oval, RP and normal (fictional) 2.93 mi
Venray ***
Venray, Hollan
Oval (real) screenshots
0.6 mi
cca 3,6 MB
Warneton ****
Warneton, Belgium Oval (real) screenshots
1/3 mi
cca 9 MB
Warneton Vintage Circuit *****
Warneton, Belgium
Oval (fictional vintage) scrshts
1/3 mi
cca 16 MB
Mallory Park Oval
Leicestershire, UK
Oval (real) screenshots
1 mi
cca 16 MB
Lydden Hill
Kent, UK
Road course (real) screenshts
1.1 mi
cca 4.8 MB
*   RP = restrictor plates
**  NOT "The Rock" located in North Carolina!
*** track based on Altoona Raceway v 1.0 by http://nascarcreations.tripod.com
**** track based on Huntsville v2 by Wayne (BOWTIE) Anderson & Murd0ck42, steve*b, Wrangler3, ajshoe, Gunslinger
***** track based on Coverleaf by WindyCity Racing

And - of course Europe is full of nice road-courses, which are very exciting with these ELMS cars.
For links of the tracks (not only europeans) visit http://www.nr2k3tracks.com/
What can I recommend to you? For sure you should try some nice flowing circuits, like Old Spa, Daytona Road Course, Riverside, Texas World, Le Mans, Kyalami, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, Lime Rock Park, Mosport, Road America, St. Petersburgh

track.ini updates

Here you can find files, which should go into each track directory. These files are fixing the AI behaviour and are adjusted for using with 100% difficulty.

Location Remark
Mogyorod, Hungary screenshots
graphics and track.ini update
cca 8.3 MB
Eurospeedway Lausitz
Klettwitz, Germany
track.ini update
cca 0.05 MB
Zeltweg, Austria
track.ini update


Installation is easy -> 

1 Unpack downloaded files (using WinRar, console Rar, or Total Commander, Krusader or whatever you are using)
2 Copy the folder with the track (e.g. Venray) into <your_path_to_NascarRacing2003_installation folder>\tracks
(example: c:\papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 season\tracks\Venray)

For any troubles or broken links please contact my at: fela.nascarfan[at]gmail.com (of course, [at] stays for @  :)  )

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