application for converting Race Export HTML file from Grand Prix Legends to file format readable with Race Points Manager

What is the purpose of this application?

Many Nascar Racing 2003 season's user are using the software called Race Points Manager, which is, as their website says: "...a database application designed to provide league administrators of Papyrus' Nascar3/4/02/03 a fast and flexible way to maintain points standings and other statistics. "

And this is a very good application, which provides some useful html exports like:

- driver's championship points

- team's and chassis championship points

- define your own calendar, point system, award for fastest lap and pole position

- counting the earnings

- statistics for performance of each driver

The application and tutorial is available at: Race Points Manager (application, tutorial)

But to be sure, that if this website once get lost, we still have the software available, I uploaded the application and PDFs from tutorial here: Race Points Manager (backup) 

GPL2RPM is simple application, which converts the Grand Prix Legens (shortly GPL)  Export HTML file into format, which can be read by Race Points Manager (shortly RPM). This Export file must be exported at the end of the race (there is 'EXPORT' button). The exports from the 'World Championship' screen have different format and these are not working with this application

OK, now a link for downloading the main topic - GPL2RPM application: GPL2RPM @ mediafire

Short manual is included in the application.

In case of question/bugs/ideas just e-mail me at: fela(dot)nascarfan(at)gmail(dot)com

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